Monday, July 1, 2013


MG has had tummy problems since she was about 4 years old. After being gluten free for 2 years we hoped that would be the solution and while it has been good it hasn't been the cure. We went to a pediatric gastroenterologist and he recommended an endoscopy. When we didn't get any conclusive results then she had a colonoscopy. Nothing major from that either! Errrr! So back to the drawing board and hoping that all if this resolves itself. She was a trooper through all if it though! She was laughing so hard before the first procedure (bottom picture). Not so much the next time around. 

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dress Up

I'm going go try and catch up, so let's pretend the date is January 30 instead of June. Okay? Okay! 
Little girls are so much fun to dress up! Getting clothes for MG is a favorite hobby    of mine and my mother! As she is getting older she's definitely having her own opinions about what she wants to wear. There's a lot of compromise on school mornings. Whatever she is wearing she's just too cute not to take her picture!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Merry Christmas

So it's January and I'm still posting about December happenings! Oh well, I haven't gotten pictures developed in over a year, so I guess it's not that bad!
Auggie the elf made his return the beginning of December. He was up to his old tricks, but also did a lot of reminding MG to not complain and be sweet. He got into some M & Ms, went for a float in the bathtub, & made a house of blocks. One of the best things he did was to leave a golden ticket under her pillow she found at bedtime. It said she didn't have to go to bed & instead we got in the car with cookies & hot chocolate to go looking at Christmas lights. So fun!
We had a really great Christmas. I had the flu, but it wasn't that bad so we were still able to go to Spartanburg. It's so fun to spend time with family, especially during holidays. We miss not seeing all of our family though like we used to (Cathey I'm talking about you & your family!!). It was also a busy season with MG being in the Christmas Pageant for the 2nd year! Such a fun tradition! She danced to "Snowflakes Keep Falling on My Head".

Look what Auggie did! Silly elf!

It was Minnie's first Christmas with us. She made herself right at home. Her favorite place to be was under the tree before gifts were there or right infront of the fire.

MG's class had Polar Express day. They got to wear their pjs & bring a stuffed animal.

We went to Spartanburg a couple of days before Christmas & they had this fun ice skating rink set up. She did a really good job and did not want to leave!
Christmas Eve! We had supper with Kris' family & the headed over to my parent's house for opening of presents!
Finally time to get Santa's plate ready for his Christmas Eve snack. I don't think Poppy would mind if we shared a couple of the buckeyes Kris made him with Santa!
We woke up to a letter from Santa Christmas morning. It's hard to be good everyday, so it's good to be reminded of grace and forgiveness.
And to the fun part....presents!! MG got a bike and a Nabi this year! One toy for outside & one for inside! Also, she got a bunch of goodies like the Brave DVD, dress up dress, and princess Cds.

Here's our annual wrapping paper picture we started her first Christmas. She's getting so big! My family
Riding her new bike!
Free pedicures! Grandmama got the first!
This HUGE box of make-up from Grandmama & Granddaddy was one of her favorite gifts!! I have gotten many interesting makeovers!
Supper at the Mitchell's was delicious as always! We all ate together and then Kris and I headed out to see "Jack Reacher" with Kelly & Tom. A really good Christmas and I am so thankful for my family with whom I have to spend it!

Friday, December 7, 2012


When you have the best daddy ever he takes a box that a loveseat came in and makes it one cool playhouse. Complete with windows & a door & a daddy to get in there & play with you!

School Picture

I love this face!! Sweet first grader!

Trip to the Mountains

One of the most fun things we did in October was go to Chimney Rock with our family. MG, my parents, Aunt Cathey, Uncle Don, Casey, & I all went to the mountains for the day. It was beautiful! My dad ordered a pancake for lunch, but couldn't even finish it!